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Pricing Details

  • Current Wedding Film Production Base Price: $1,700.00.

  •  Upfront cost: 30% Scheduling deposit:  $510.00. Deposit is refundable 80 days after receiving payment only, then non-refundable after. Scheduling deposit due upfront before Wedding date can be booked. 

  • Remaining balance (less deposit) due 30 days before scheduled Wedding date but may be paid sooner if Wedding party desires​.

  • Wedding day filming coverage: 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  9 overall hours of coverage can be flexed if needed to fit Wedding day events (additional coverage time available at $60.00/hr)

Optional Production Services

  • All RAW (unedited) Wedding days footage sent on USB drive via mail delivery: $175.00

  • Additional 1-2 Minute Wedding Video Teaser posted publicly to Greater The Video, LLC. Facebook Page $300.00.

Social Media Teaser Example 

More Production Information

How do we film Weddings/Events?

Our finished Wedding video projects are created in a 12-14 minute "highlight style" video production. This production style is designed to highlight the many special moments that occur during the entire Wedding days events. The video consists of Wedding prep footage, first looks, ceremony, reception events, and much more! In our opinion, a good Wedding highlight video should recap all the special moments as best as possible so they can be relived forever with every viewing. 

Final Cut Video Delivery Steps

1. Wedding films typically take around 70 days to complete.

2. All finished videos will be first sent to Wedding clients via. private YouTube link for final review. 

3. After approval, Wedding clients will be mailed a USB drive that contains a back up Quicktime (mp4.) video file copy. This video file can be uploaded by Wedding party to social media natively if they desire.

4. All Wedding films are available to share pubically via Youtube as well after approval.  


Frequently Asked Wedding Film Questions 

  • "How is music chosen for the Wedding films?" Per copyright laws, we have to utilize copy-free music throughout the Wedding films. We get our music from popular stock music websites such as and We chose songs based on an effort to uncover the perfect song needed for pace and what moments are occurring in the video. 

  • "How long will my Wedding film be?  All our Wedding films end up around 12-14 mins. depending on the overall amount of events that occur during the day of the Wedding.

  •  "Do you sell DVD copies of Wedding Films?" No, only digital copies of video delivered on USB.

  • "How do I make payments for my Wedding Film?'"  We utilize Paypayl generated invoices sent to clients via e-mail for all payments.